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Technical Information:

KPPS-LP broadcasts under a Low Power FM (LPFM) license granted by the Federal Communications Commission. We broadcast with 100 watts on 97.5 MHz (FM) from a location near Knollwood. Our coverage extends approximately 2-3 miles in most directions, and is limited to some extent by stations to our south and east. If you tune to 97.5 and hear Classic Rock, that is most likely a station 80 miles south of us in Rochester. Likewise if you hear religion it is a station in St. Paul.

Our approximate coverage area is below. Some areas will do better than others. We are very interested in hearing if you are a listener who experiences interference from either station, particularly within the red circle.

Upcoming Frequency Change:

We hold a permit to move to 88.9 from a much taller tower. This will greatly increase the interference-free coverage area to include much of Minneapolis, Edina, Golden Valley, and several other suburbs. We are working through the process to make this change and hope to have it ready by Summer 2019.

St Paul expansion:

We are also working to expand our footprint into St. Paul through a partnership with forthcoming LPFM station WVIC-LP on 99.1. More information will be announced soon about this opportunity!

Source – REC Networks